Our Partnership Program

Because great work is done as a Team

Partnership Program Benefits

Expand your business

Earn through referral partnership

Hire us as your technology partner

Unlock new revenue streams

Why Partner with us?

We have been in the website and mobile development industry for more then 6 years.We have served some of the most reputed clients in India and outside.Our partnership programs are designed to develop a mutual benefit relationship for our vendors,clients and us.Please find the brief of the partnership programs we offer.

Outsourcing Partnership(project in your name)

Ideal for those short on bandwidth to offer web solutions

This partnership benefits businesses who do not have the time,cost and resources for their customer’s technical requirements.Simply outsource the project to us.Dealing with the client will be your responsibility.We will work anonymously under your company’s name.

  • Resell our services in your name.We will remain completely anonymous to your client.
  • All copyrights,credits,patents,designs will be owned by you or the client.
  • You will decide on the end client pricing.We will provide you our quote.You can add your charges on top of our quote for the end client.

Referral Partnership(project in our name)

Send us appropriate leads,you earn commission if the customer converts

Ideal for those businesses who do not want to get into the hassle of dealing with clients.You can simply refer them to us and we will take care of the rest.

  • Simply refer a customer and earn commission from 10%-15% based on the order.
  • Resell our services in our name.

If you have any further queries you can mail us at [email protected] or give us a call at 808-0706-143 or contact us.