Search Engine Optimization service provider in Mumbai,India

What  Search Engine Optmization is ?

What google results do you see when you search for ‘SEO consultant in Mumbai’ or ‘Search Engine Optimization service provider in Mumbai’?

You will see the most relevant consultants or companies providing SEO services in Mumbai. The results that you see on the 1st page of Google is what Google thinks are the most relevant in response to a user’s search query. Google uses certain criteria to determine the relevance of a website against user’s search keywords and then places the website link on page 1 or page 10(or any other page) based on its relevance score. Since most users do not search results beyond the initial 3 pages, the companies or individuals ‘optimize’ their website to meet google’s criteria and obtain a high relevance score in google’s eyes with the hope that their website will be in the top 3 pages.This entire process of optimizing the website to be in the top of listings is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


Why does your website need SEO ?

Simply put, your website needs search engine optimization to be in the top pages/rankings of google. This ensures more customers can find your website, which means more visitors and hence more conversions and sales.SEO is not for someone only looking for an online presence, but then why have an online presence at all. There is always an objective behind making a new site or revamping an old one – increase sales, generate leads, increase customers. Hence website development and its optimization go hand in hand.

Why consider us for Search Engine Optimization?

We are your go to guys for SEO for the following reasons:

  • We implement the same SEO strategies for your business that got our website to rank on page 1
  • Only genuine white hat SEO techniques used
  • Expertise in SEO – we rank in the top 3 results for many competitive keywords related to website development