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Freelance Website Developer & Web Designer in Mumbai, India

Hi, I am Ronak Bagadia, a freelance website developer and designer in Mumbai and I help businesses succeed online using my 13+ years of experience.

Digital Marketing Consultant
Ronak Bagadia
Web Developer and Designer

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Mumbai Web Design Services

Entice Your Audience With An Innovative Web Design

Search Engine Optimization – SEO

We do not focus only on the visual elements of a website. As web design experts we deliver websites that are search engine friendly.

User Experience – UX

User experience cannot be compromised with if you want your visitors to convert. We take utmost care in blending an SEO-friendly website with an elegant UI to deliver an astounding experience for your customers.

Content Writing

Google prioritizes websites with high-quality content. We collaborate with experienced content writers who research and create content that speak your brand language.

WordPress Experts

We help you with your WordPress website development power packed with features. Ideal for businesses looking for a hassle-free way to build and manage websites, WordPress is the ideal content management system platform to create a website that impresses and converts customers.

Ecommerce Web Design

There will be a zillion things to worry about your online shop, website shouldn’t be one. Utilizing woocommerce, we build your secure online store with payment gateway and features that provide a smooth buying experience for your customers.

Shopify Web Design

Hop on to the trend of Shopify websites. Thanks to its ease of launching websites swiftly, Shopify is another platform to consider for your ecommerce store. Our Shopify website developers help you in building your shopify online shop that is high on performance and low on your pocket.

Responsive Web Design

The adaptability of your website with mobiles, laptops, desktops and tablets is critical to your business success. Responsive websites are aimed at providing easy navigation and interaction of your users with the website. As a Mumbai freelance web developer, we use the latest technology trends, media queries, fluid images to ensure that all websites we create are device agnostic and provide a consistent experience to your website visitors.

Website Hosting

Your elegant functional website needs to be backed by reliable, fast and secure web hosting. We also assist you in selecting your domain, purchasing and deploying your website on live server and maintenance for it as well.

Custom Web Design

Best suited for customers who prefer a tailored, bespoke website, as a Mumbai freelance web designer, we can create a highly customized design strategy that aligns with your business goals.



Our Clients Get Results


  • Analyze

Identify Key Business Objectives

My process is to first analyze your business goals and your current online presence to determine what is and isn’t working.

  • Strategize

Form A Plan

In this stage, I start building the website following the latest trends in responsiveness, security and user-friendliness.

  • Grow

Maintain and Optimize

And finally, I maintain and optimize the website to drive more leads and more sales for you and boost your online presence.


From being a freelance web developer near Mumbai to an agency owner, I had the privilege to work with numerous clients across different sectors over the course of 10 years.

This has allowed me to put systems and processes in place conducive to the successful execution of my client’s requirements.

Be it web design and development, mobile apps, marketing or branding, my experience has allowed me to truly understand client’s expectations and execute strategies that connect with my client’s customer base. View services I provide.

I also have extensive experience in SEO as I have optimized many client websites for a number of keywords. My internal websites rank for highly competitive keywords like website developer near me, low cost web designer to name a few.

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Digital Marketing Consultant
Ronak Bagadia

Founder – Stymeta Technologies

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Web Design and Development FAQs

What kind of websites can you help me with?2022-08-16T23:50:25+05:30

I can help you with creating any kind of website based on your requirement. Some of the website types I create include business website, ecommerce website, blogs, personal or portfolio website, websites for non-profit, catalog website to name a few.

What is your website development process?2022-08-17T00:04:01+05:30

The process involves collecting important details required to build the website like information about your business, competitors, key objectives of the website, target audience references etc. Based on this, we start creating the initial draft for the main page of the website. With your feedback incorporated, we subsequently move to creating and completing the rest of the pages.

What technology do you use for website designing and development?2022-08-17T03:42:45+05:30

We work on some of the most widely used technologies in the web development industry. This includes wordpress, html, php laravel, php codeigniter & react js.

The technology to be used for your website is determined after a careful evaluation of your requirements and other important parameters like time, scalability and budget.

What makes you the best website developer in Mumbai, India?2022-08-17T03:23:21+05:30

I have an extensive experience of over 10 years in the digital marketing industry. A 99% repeat client rate and an extensive portfolio of clients across different industries from India and outside. You may check my portfolio to view some of the work done.

What is the turn around time and how much will it cost?2022-08-17T03:24:12+05:30

The turnaround time and cost for the website depends on a lot of factors like the website sitemap, features required and other variables. This is determined after understanding your preliminary requirement through a phone call.

Please fill the form below to request a callback or contact me to initiate a discussion regarding your requirement.

Ok, I have decided to hire you for my website creation, how will you ensure its quality and timely delivery?2022-08-17T03:24:59+05:30

Quality and timely delivery of the website is ensured through:

– Having a dedicated person as your point of contact throughout the website development process
– Weekly review calls with you to understand and fill any gaps that may arise in the quality or timeliness of the website
– Thorough testing of the website before making it live
– Fixing any pending bugs/issues as part of the maintenance services after the website is live

Will my website be responsive and SEO friendly?2022-08-17T03:26:55+05:30

Yes, all websites created are responsive (adapts to multiple screen sizes) and SEO friendly. Additionally, we also make sure that it is https secured.

I need domain and hosting for my website. Can you assist with it?2022-08-17T03:27:41+05:30

Yes, we can assist you with picking the right domain name and hosting for the website. Furthermore, if you require to use gmail ids with your domain for your organization, we can also assist with it.

What support is provided by you once the website is live?2022-08-17T03:28:12+05:30

We provide 3 months of maintenance services on the developed website once live. For regular and ongoing support of the website, which is essential, you may subscribe to our annual maintenance packages.

Do you only work on web designing and development?2022-08-17T03:30:28+05:30

No, we also provide branding, graphic designing, seo, mobile app development and video creation services.

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“ Both Ronak and Grishma are amazing at their work. I have never had a more pleasant experience than their agency. They created everything from scratch for our website and new launch. We have had a great start for the launch – big thanks to their team.”

Priyanka Salot

Co-Founder, The Sleep Company

Digital Marketing Consultant
Ronak Bagadia
Website Developer

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