Whether you are a student looking for a job, an artist wanting to showcase your portfolio or a business looking to expand, having an online presence has become the norm. In such a tight job market and cutthroat competition, graduates and businesses alike are finding ways to stand out from the crowd. Having a website does just that  –  make your online presence unique. Let us look at some of its advantages:

1. Low Investment

Since websites are virtual, it does not require a hefty upfront investment like buying an office space. For eg.- Buying a domain and hosting space (the two components required to build a site) from a good provider such as Hostinger costs about Rs. 3500 (equivalent to 60 USD). Not too bad a deal.

The other cost involved is for hiring a good web developer to create the website which you may find locally at reasonable rates.

2. Global Reach

Websites go beyond geographical boundaries thus allowing your business to attract more customers from every corner of the world at the click of a button.

3. No Time Constraint

It’s active 24/7 365 days a year. Particularly handy for an ecommerce site where customers can shop at any time of the day or night at their convenience. Let’s just say, you will be earning dollars even while you are asleep. Sweet.

4. Total Control

You might not like the way how your profile looks on LinkedIn or Facebook or perhaps there are certain features you want to hide or tweak but you can’t due to lack of control. This isn’t the case with your website as being its owner allows you to change, modify, add and delete content at your will.

5. A Source Of Credibility

Your website gives you an opportunity to showcase to your potential customers who you are and what you do and other significant things in one single place and thus build credibility. Customers are more likely to purchase from a credible source.

6. Marketing

How is your website different as a marketing medium than the other forms of marketing such as print and media. The difference is cost. Print and advertising campaigns can create a big hole in your pocket. Also, it has an expiration date. Thus things you might have printed or advertised earlier may no longer be valid today. With total control over your website, you can advertise your products digitally at a very low cost. You can remove content at your will when you feel it is outdated and replace it with relevant and updated content without having to spend more.

7. Quick & Easy

WordPress has a lot of pre-configured template options to choose from which makes the creation process fast and easy. They also come with an admin panel to manage your site easily. You can choose one that suits your business needs and get your site up and running in a matter of hours.

The above are just some benefits of having a website from the wide array of features it offers. If you do not have a website already, act now and get one.

Published On: April 22nd, 2022 / Last Updated: May 3rd, 2022 / Categories: Website Development /

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